About the Artist



Thanks for joining us here at the Foote Florals Flower Community!

My name is Rebecca Foote and I have been a designer in the floral industry for the past 18 years.

There is nothing I have a passion for more than designing flowers for weddings and events.

Working with couples to bring their wedding vision to life is so rewarding. 

My floral career in a nutshell:  

I started off sweeping floors in a flower shop at 17 while attending beauty school back in New Jersey.  I quickly decided that beauty school was not my forte, but I found myself captivated by the designs coming out of the floral shop.

After learning the basics of cleaning flowers, taking orders, and making fruit baskets, the day finally came when they needed my help for Mother's Day to design arrangements.  

I didn't shy away from the opportunity, but rather jumped leaps and bounds at it, waiting for my chance.

From that day forward there was no doubt I knew what I wanted to be.........a floral artist.

Since starting off at that small mom and pop shop, I moved up the floral ladder and designed at an upscale flower shop where I became head designer.

After 12 years there, I moved to New York and worked for a prestigious wedding and event company designing and setting up weddings throughout the Capital District. 

 18 years later and I am still as passionate about designing flowers as I was that Mother's Day. 

The rest is as they say.......history.

I am a true creative at heart



We are proud to say that we're a family owned and operated business.

Why our move to NY?  I met my favorite person in the world, my best friend, business partner, and soul mate.  Aka my husband, Ben.

Our dream, since we met, was to sell our house in the suburbs and move to the country.

Foote Florals came to fruition shortly after we moved here in 2017.  

We have been happily growing our business ever since.

My husband, and business partner, is also a creative who has unique talents in carpentry work, visual arts, and building......well anything!

We love collaborating wedding and event set ups.

I was in love with finding local product and setting up my own design studio to have creative freedom.

We dabble in growing some of our own flowers, although we rely on local flower farms for seasonal product. 

 We also have flowers shipped in from other parts of the country and from around the world to ensure the greatest variety and highest quality for our clients.



Our floral studio is located on our 23 acre homestead in the heart of The Finger Lakes.

  Having a studio allows us to concentrate on what we love to do best which is designing weddings and events.  

 When I'm not designing weddings, you can find me

  • Refinishing furniture (mostly for our vacation rental, which is an updated farmhouse on the Keuka Lake Wine Trail) 

  • Planting and harvesting all sorts of organically grown produce from our gardens on our 23 acre homestead

  • Blogging to assist our clients in good flower making decisions such as wedding designs & budgets, gardening tips, etc.

  • Designing handcrafted artisan jewelry.

  • Playing piano (I'm a fan of the oldies but goodies like Billy Joel and Elton John.)

  • Raising chickens (They are such fun little creatures and who doesn't love fresh eggs!)

  • Being a mom to our two adorable fur babies

To read more about the Foote Florals studio, check out our blog,

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